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Obama called on Congress to offer better deals on immigration system and citizenship for illegal immigrants ..

Mr Obama pledge before the general election with: "the best is yet to come" - ..

America/Neil Diamond ..

The Democrats Senators: Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona agree for this year only on a framework for national immigration American system. The eight Senators agree in their plan a better border security, guest workers regulations and employer verification system, in question of employment (work permit) would be: farm workers and technology industries. In other words the cheap labor that you could find on earth with no rewards of anything, including: holidays entitlement, breaks times, sickness, regulations, code of practice, duty of care, medical care, education, etc. The American people enjoys better deals since the new colony emigrate to the United States of America. I start seeing American Country more like a package holiday with no returns of anything or money back vouchers. I want to remember to every American Citizen that they have regulations to abide, code of practice and duty of care to people regarded off colour, incapacity, religion, age, sexual, orientation, country of birth, traditions, etc. The same as Human & Civil Rights that were signed by the United States of America since funded in 1948. American soils enjoys Freedom of Laws written by George Washington himself, the Father of Laws on July 4, 1776 with the "We, The People" American Constitution for everyone who walks American soils and regarded off. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo a "legal document in law" signed in my native country Mèxico, to stop the American and Mexican War (1846-48) and protects Mexican people living in America. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo a document itself, that could be valid in Law when suits America, but void-cheap document when it suits our country-Mèxico. The document signed on the 2nd, February 1848 inside a Chapel of the Mexican Cathedral, "the Basilica of Guadalupe", by the American Citizen Nicholas Trist, on behalf of the American President "Mr Polk" and Luis G. Cuevas, Bernardo Couto and Miguel Atristain representing Mèxico, otherwise my Mexican people would be extint today, in the same way as 400 American tribes perished in the hands of the American Holocaust ..
- I believe strong that such document "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" is void in Mexican Law, as the paper itself was signed inside a church and helped by the same Religios organization (catholic). A void illegal document in law - a white piece of paper with no value in law Society since day one, as Mexican Constitution and the church in Politics affairs are totally divorce from one another and since the 1800´s, this reflect the Cristero War (1926-29) known as la Cristiada. In the same position we have the American Liberty/Freedoms fighting years of American Revolutionary War/The American War of Independence (1774–83) that lead to Battles of: Lexington and Concord, The Battle of Bunker Hill, The Battle of Trenton, Saratoga, Yorktown, by declaring the Independence of a new Sovereign nation of the  the United States of America and become a Law/Constitution, since the 4th of July, 1776 in which you can find more details: "The Charters of Freedom" -(with thanks) Without mention the Battle of the Mexican/American War (1846-48),  to be follow by the Civil War unrest from northern and southern states of American colony/ies (1861-1865) that ended slavery, but killed 620,000 Victims with endless Battles of: Battle of Gettysburg, Battle of Chickamauga, Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, Battle of Wilderness, Battle of Chancellorsville, Battle of Shiloh, Battle of  Stones River, Battle of Antietam, Second Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Fort Donelson, including The Spanish–American War conflict on 25/8/1898. When the American Colony become a proper nation, they went against the Mother who gave them birth, "the American Natives/Tribes"-Individuals that had no army, machinery or militar form of defence, but killed with no warnings in the massacre, little respect or care in the matter and 400 American Tribes perished in different Battles: The Black Hawk War (Sauk), Florida War (Seminole), The Battle of Kororareka (Màori), The term Navajo Wars (Navajo),  The Cayuse War (cayuse), The Apache Wars (Apache, Ute, Yavapai), the Yakima Indian War(Yakama),  The Rogue River Wars (Rogue River Indians/the first settlers), The Paiute War, Dakota War (Sioux),  Colorado War (Cheyenne and Arapaho),  The Powder River Expedition (Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho Indians Montana), The Snake War (Snake Indians), Red Cloud's War (Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho), The Comanche Campaign (Comanche),  The Red River War (Comanche, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Arapaho), The Great Sioux War (Lakota and Cheyenne), Bannock War (Shoshone), Cheyenne War (Cheyenne), The White River War (Ute), The Ghost Dance War (Lakota Sioux), The Sheepeater Indian War (Shoshone). The American Natives victims of War were suffering racism in silence and not a form of  Justice, Memory, Compensation and Reparation gained from the cold Wars/Battles. A form of guarantee/s that such criminal Act would never happens again in time History in American soils, to another individual of skin colour. I start to believe that America is a Nation that wipe from the surface of the earth, those people that are not members of the white supremacy. The so many Battles/Wars speak louder than my own words here writing, where we have today America fighting the Middle East, Latinoamerica, the Death penalty, Guantanamo Bay Detention camps, etc. Where we ask today the same question of five hundreds years ago: Can the United States of America conquer the World alone?-

"The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" a document itself, badly translate  the drafts of Spanish/English and viceversa, by the corrupt American citizen Nicholas Trist that lacked official status in Mèxico when making the agreement, previously a Consul in Havana, Cuba, in which his position on that country alone was some kind of slave trade back in 1839. Today, We, The Mexicans are slaves in America and not the originals (with respect), but the colour people living in America are FREE thanks to Mèxico. The Mexican people used as a slaves or cheap labour (immigration, etc), suffering racism with the white American supremacy for more than 500 years of Holocaust. Racism from American colony with colour people still prevails today in great measures, where 8 Senators agree "for this year only (28-1-2013)", a "framework" for my Mexican people, while the true is the United States of America is sitting since 1600's (England) in my Country.  When the new colony arrived to America, poor, slave and uneducate, we the American Natives and/or Mexicans never asked for your passport, visas, or travel documents. We, The Mexican People are not asking or begging for mercy to the new colony anymore, let alone collecting your left overs which is: farm workers and technology industries. Mexican People wants a better deals or face this matter in a Court of Law, as we demand America to return what the new colony stole from us. We demand by Law to be return of what is ours by RIGHT and American people/the new colony are sitting on it, that is our beautiful Country!-The words of "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" are mislead in American Law/Constitution into times to come, with lies to my people, country and land. It is an insult such words to our intelligence, as nothing of the contents of reason or set of reasons came to be true from that document. Where today We, The Mexicans are begging for food, work, education, opportunities, equality, human and civil rights, code of practice, duty of care, holidays, time off, fair and decent wages, terms and conditions in work, acts, principle of laws, fair court hearings, access to passport, visas, work permit, medical, justice, warm accommodation/housing, immigration status, citizenship, benefits, instead of the new colony?!! - If I go even deeper to study such document in law, "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo", (with thanks) I will be taking the United States of America to court for cheating, lying, misleading, corrupting or intent to pervert the curse of the Law, because even on those times, the American Law (1848) was less corrupt with fair hearing to Mexican people than today.  Now, If I study the whole History of America civilization, maybe I could end up opening the doors to the English people back into America, as I believe strong that they got more rights to live in America than the new colony, where my people would be living a better standard of life than the ones they got today (nothing). In question of Law ,"The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" was not abide by the American Supreme Law/Constitution as the document itself said it could be. Where immigration and citizenship is on debate and still on American Politics menus today, as it was 150 + years ago, when first signed the document?- The document itself was signed and ratified by the American Congress/Senate with vote of 38/14 on 10/3/1848 and Senate vote of 33/4 on 19/5/1848, followed by formally proclaimed on 4 July 1848. "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" document was in excellent hands starting from the President of the United States of America, Mr Polk, the Supreme Law/Courts, Congress, Senate, Political figures like Abraham Lincoln and top American lawyers, because at the beginning the same Congress/Senate refused to sign the document ("The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"), but when clarify of any wrong-doings by Trist,  American Congress followed protocol in Law (very careful), to avoid an American Constitution breakdown, as they were full aware of the value of the document that was (still) in Law, equally to 0 = null paper/document. A month before the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to be signed, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech to Congress on the Mexican War 12/1/1848 (with thanks to Congress). In other words, the American Congress was full aware of the mess they were signing taking my country Mèxico to the cleaners. Where today, we need to negotiate for a better standard of life to my Mexican people, because of all the corruption during those years of abuse. To add hurt to perjury the document itself, "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" suffered dramatic (illegal) changes with the Article X, VIII, IX without our permission, consent and knowledge into the matter or changes taking place to the document, that by Law (Mexican/American) is a requirement. As we Mexicans are not invisible and America got a Law to abide since July 4, 1776, so no excuses of corruption, but such document was altered, removed or withdraw with little care for our people. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was made in a way to protect Mexican people living in America and not for the American citizens (new colony), also to stop the Mexican/American War.


The American Congress was aware of my country Mèxico funding own Government, as we were just liberate from Spain, thanks to Agustin Iturbide (27/9/1821). In question of Law, Mèxico was a baby in comparation with America and this reflect on us losing so much land, that I do not how to put it in words, to people who abuse of another in such great measures. "America was not happy to have a small piece of land, they had to had the full cake, by killing the American Natives and steal from Mèxico"-. There is not words to describe the attitude of the American Citizens towards my Mexican people, as the Congress were refusing to sign the "Treaty of Gudalupe Hidalgo" by the corrupt Nicholas Trist, that even President Polk asked him to return back home (America) before such document was signed in Mèxico Cathedral, by the clerics, who were helping. Either of them were committing a criminal act and taking advantage of a disadvantage people and country and not excuses as American Law was well settled since the July 4, 1776. The American-Mexican War started due to slave trade which was illegal procedure in our country and Law. The American People were sitting in our land (before the Treaty of Gaudalupe was signed) using, what we call Human people as a slaves and trading them like merchandise, even on those times it was against our principles and laws. The act itself was against our Mexican Constitution (still) an illegal procedure in Mèxico, as it is today. Any form of slave trade goes against our Mexican Constitution back in the 1800´s, when Santana gave the slave people their own freedom and the act alone promote the American/Mexican War, but America was sitting on our FREE land?!-Today, We, The Mexicans living in America used as a cheap labour, figting immigration and citizenship and even worse, used as a slaves in a free country and not the originals (with respect), but the Colour People living in America are FREE, thanks to Mèxico. The racism of white American supremacy had been tested for more than 500 years ago and killed with no mercy 400 American tribes, who were our cousins, blood and traditions, but perished in the American Holocaust. Racism from American people that still prevail today in great measures, where 8 Senators agree for this year only (28-1-2013), a "framework" for my Mexican people, while the true is American Colony is sitting in my country Mèxico since 1848. The document itself "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" stated that United States of America government would honor and guarantee land awarded to America, Spain and Mexico, by those respective governments, but the deal was made in Mèxico by two countries (Mèxico and America) not three countries (Spain?). This is not what Mexican-American Senate agree on the first place when signed the illegal document in law, by any laws (Mexican-American or even International law). Because by law, of any laws,  Mèxico was a Baby when such document was signed, as I mention previously. By principles of laws, when someone hurt a minor (Baby), it is a crime itself, not matter in which country of the world you are living from, by the innocence of the child and in this time is Mèxico. Including Human and Civil rights protection laws apply, without mention the code of practice, duty of care, terms, regulations, unions and hundreds of laws to abide and obey by America as they ratify the document, not Mèxico. "If Mèxico was a small child in reality, I could start court proceedings right now, against the United States of America for the abuse of power and profession, plus the crime itself to steal when there is laws and Constitution to abide and obey by the same American Constitution and since the July 4, 1776, but abused a minor"-Here is where I could use the protection laws for minors, as Mèxico was a minor (Baby) in comparation with the well and Academic country as America was back in 1848. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed on the 2nd, February 1848 in Mèxico as mention before and later the document was ratified in American soils and into an American Law, by the same American Senate and President of the United States of America, Mr Polk, in which those people were a top professionals, full aware of the value in law (nil) of such document (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) on the 30/5/1848, but the document was not signed into any Mexican law and the agreement was made between two countries?-To make the matters worse there is not a single document where it said that Mèxico received payment by the American government for such land stolen. Believe me when I am telling you, that after three years of re-search, I found not a single document that clarify money or payments taking from Mèxico of American people direct for the sale (stolen) of such Land, when apparently was sold and that was half of our country to the United States of America, well that is what the story said about to cover thief. However, what I found will take your breath away of a complete list of people, that could be Mexicans-American Natives or both, as we are cousins by blood relate, so if the owners (family) of such land are alive and well by law, they can re-coup lost land by the new colony and if not, such Land come back to Mèxico as we are the Originals owners. Then American new colony which is not the British People could be living in our country with passports, visas and work permits, because again there is not a single document in living memory that explains how America got into their own hands our Land?-Where Homestead Acts were used to confuse people and make them to believe that the land was owned by them and by rights, when the true is America new colony was stealing our land by sending the Mexicans to the south, which is Mèxico and killing 400 American Tribes under the water (RIP). By law, of any Laws in the Universe, when someone buy a land need to register in the Land Registry, not by using a Homestead Acts, that is wrong. Homestead acts 1862 were not a Land Registry, there is not excuses to act wrongly as American Constitution is complete with Land Acts 1804, so who is the illegal, corrupt, against the law, thief, broke the law as you call my Mexican people and blood, but not the new colony?-  However the future regulation (2013) would allow "tough but fair" path to gain the American Citizenship for Immigrants and border security, this regulation is for the new colony, including the new chips?- (I could not find video in English, apologies)

Chips Espías ..

Now to expand your new colony, my country of Mèxico is used to grow waste of oil, drugs and murders of more than 60,000 + victims but not America/new colony?-As you can see, we are all coming back to the 1848´s times, as the History same to repeat itself again, but this time, Mèxico is fully armed with the best Lawyers in the World (me). Since signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) "Trade Treaty" (1994) with Mèxico, Canada and United States of America, with 200 American business sitting in our country with murders to my women called "las mujeres de juarez y del DF"-Mêxico become a war zone of drugs and crimes but not the new colony?- Now, if you fail to see the similarity in the 1848´s and today (2013) the war still on, but on those times were called the Mexican-American War, how we call today, the Mexican and new colony war?-The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a document itself of an agreement between two nations and with the intention to protect my Mexican people and stop the American/Mexican War, which obviously has not been stop, where we have murders and criminal activity due to American drugs?- Obama called on Congress to offer a better deal on immigration system and citizenship for illegal immigrants, including me. I want to emigrate back home - to America, to live my American dream of prosperity, peace and harmony as it was intented before the abuses started into my Peoples, Blood and Country of Birth/Mèxico (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc.).  The New immigration reform/s, this is not what it was agree on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as America New Colony is sitting on my Land as I explain before of the thief and murders, plus the continue murdering innocents people worldwide with an old American laws (death penalty/ slave trade/drugs) that are forbidden into and/or against our Mexican Constitution and Laws, how do you explain this Human and Civil Rights abuses in a Court of Law?:

Torture/slave systematic American laws instead to offer a drug addict person, treatment to gain health back again?-. Impossible to believe that American law system do not use this form of punishement to Cancer victims, but to drug addicts instead and whithout knowing the reason or set of reason/s, into why the person fall for the drugs in the first place. it's against the law any form of torture/slave treatment to the Human kind, but the United States of America still uses the fallen system?-.But in which world America lives nowadays, where punish buyers instead of sellers of drugs?-

Just to cross our Country searched and detained, but again who is the illegal immigrant?- ..
This note by Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

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