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Activist of the Human Rights, Rosario Castellanos de Parker is rejected by David Cameron and his Conservatives believes in UK free Democracy"- ..

"My Human Rights are inflicted and rejected by David Cameron believes in UK Democracy, Rosario Castellanos de Parker"-


"My Human Rights rejected, inflicted and abused by the UK MP David Cameron and his groups of Etonians, blue collars Conservatives believes. Old attitudes in life, with non-believes of our Birth Rights, in which express our Human Rights of Freedom, Tolerance, Equality and Free Speech and Democracy for all. Then, why our Lord gave us the hand to write, a mouth to express our feelings, hearth to communicate those feelings and own mind to think of the goodness of the World only"-. Unfortunately like me, there is hundreds of victims of Human Rights supporters Worldwide, that are affected badly by the same old system, tales against us and non-believes in free Democracy of the whole wide World. http://tinyurl.com/d7o5mhv With the letter and cheque above is a prove to British People, confirming the Racism that I had been subjected to live, since arrived to the UK (1985) after married to a British Man (now divorce), with tales of: 5 boys, the river, kiss, Chinese woman and a wave of intolerance towards me and mine, by the ex/husband sister and social worker. Someone (ex/husband sister) that studied the career (social worker) with the help of her mother (typing) and a father (research) to inflict pain on me and mine, with total malice, full understanding of what she wanted to achieve and full knowledge of her own acts, against a disabled woman with profound deafness (me). "As her own mother said: she knows what she is doing, she is a social worker?"- I lost marriage, unborn children, brother killed, sister detained under the mental health act, daughters bullied and pets killed or abused, while there is not secret of the jobs of social workers, council staff, etc, in the care system of the UK. http://tinyurl.com/c7nmn6q Unfortunately, it's too late for me to gain my old life back again, but I intent to unite the British Families and probe in Law, that there is non/parents, who are born perfect, not while the mother is bullied by the father non/stop, to the point to come out in the open and request help, like Princess Diana of Wales, to no avail. http://tinyurl.com/7lj9293 Not even for a future King of Hearts his own mother was of his own level (I wish, I could have something like that), as she is accused of deserting the child when a young boy, while the true it was that she was ruling the UK. http://tinyurl.com/c8pewuu It is stupid indeed to even consider the Queen Elizabeth II to abdicate and on which grounds!?-You can not see all the goodness she done for her Peoples, Country and Land, after a massive WWII?!-A War that destroyed almost the United Kingdom, healed to what is today, to be one's of the best countries in the World. We have the best System, Politics, Laws, Monarchy, etc, that works for and on behalf of the UK"-In fact, we are the ENVY of the World, please UNITE on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth II"- A country brave enough to stand the bullies (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco) and won the Victory?-. http://tinyurl.com/c3wdp2k Today, the Whole UK is standing on the top of the World and beyond the Seas, thanks to the Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family. We are all humans and allowed to get ill from time to time. The body has the ability to heal back again giving enough time, as nobody is born "perfect"-The bullying need to stop in the UK, full stop!!-Not matter from who's person the bullying comes from, because nobody has any right whatever, to incite the other. http://tinyurl.com/c66knlv While I made a note regarding the matter of the cuts in England, it is unfair to rule out, the Queen Elizabeth II after a lifetime of wealth to her Nations and for no reasons whatever, except to give way to her son (Prince Charles) and cut family ties with the Royal Family. http://tinyurl.com/bt7qhzv This fact alone in Law give me enough grounds to proceeds and start a court order, to sit Prince Charles in a hearing as we the world wants to know why Diana, Princess of Wales, Her Royal Highness and future Queen of England was murdered (hunted) by a bully, to give way to Camilla Parker. Prince Charles need to account to his own children not to the World, except for us (UK) to do Justice to Diana, Princess of Wales, because blaming women all the time is not the correct way to deal with the matter. http://tinyurl.com/azeuz6b It is a disgrace that the British Government separate families, more than unite them with all kind of tales and targets, while they should set a good examples themselves, if they are going to lead such jobs in care (social worker/ex/husband sister). Killing my unborn children and brother with a bunch of lies, as she (ex/husband sister/social worker) was bullied herself endlessly by her own brother my ex/husband, before married and when younger (Dad can you tell him?-). My unborn children and brother perished in the flames of hate of their own "family problems"-Now the British country is also bullied by the same kind of hate, with a future king of England. http://tinyurl.com/avb6cv6 The Prime Minister  of Australia makes me to believe in Humanity back again (thanks) and justice to Families that were torn apart, in which I intent to unite in England, with my notes. http://tinyurl.com/blnxcum The letter and cheque above proves that such defamation by the ex/husband sister/social worker, actually hurt my reputation badly. I lost country of birth (Mèxico) and a country (UK) where I raised my two daughters (thanks) and I learned to love, considering that nobody loved me from that place. I also lost marriage, brother, unborn children, all my jobs and income gone, thank to her lies. Those people wouldn't stop to nothing and last year nearly get a mental Capacity Act 2005, as I came out in defence of the memory of my unborn children and a brother, when divorcing!!-In the UK, we need to make conscience and think for once, if we can afford this barrage of abuse towards us, coming form everywhere. As the social worker/ex/husband sister let a wave of people from Mèxico, Germany, Europe, to enter England, with her full permit to abuse my reputation badly with lies and tales, in order for those people, to abuse the British System badly. http://tinyurl.com/cbhtn5m When I said badly the abuse is the bottom, exactly as we are today. Fighting for to stop the cuts, bedroom taxes and a wave of intolerance towards us, by the British Government. While I had to work (several jobs) to pay for school fee's in Manchester (St Bede´s), those people were living free from the tax payee (all my family-both sides), with endless illness and hospitals services (Mexican-British)?- I have nothing against foreign people, but my daughters were living in a bully environment (ex-husband and sister). Unaware of the "family problems", that the council have a duty of care to protect what is me (hard of hearing) and mine (my children), to no avail. Where I need to remove my daughters from the council school to have some peace and learn, as her Human Rights said. How many families are like me, with the same lack of standards by the council. Problems that are not ours and many of us can not find a place in school, as other´s children from another areas comes to get your child's school place, as far as Manchester, warrington or above beyond the seas. http://tinyurl.com/c3xlasd This has nothing to do with foreign people (Malala) and wish them well, but the endless British children that got no place in the UK, like my children in the past. I had nobody to fight my corner as you said, but how many, British Children need to pay a fortune, when parents need to move elsewhere for a place, peace and not bullying?- http://tinyurl.com/cjdm5uz The over abuse of some Government staff (ex/husband sister/social worker, social services, etc), inflict to the state of our beautiful country of Britain today, with the inflows of foreign people, while we are trying to survive (unemployed, disabled, children, age, students, etc) with the cuts, to enable the foreign people to eat, what is ours, that is not fair?!- In Law, we call it bullying, harassment, intolerance, incitement, racial prejudice and is a crime, in question of Law. http://tinyurl.com/bernxqm In Mèxico happens the same removing the Mexican natives, what is for them by Law and their own Rights. It happened to the American natives, murder 400 tribes to give way to the new colony. It´s happening to the UK with the same history so far. While we do not mind to help abroad, but the charities jobs is to help foreign people, not the State. It´s not Racist to fight open for what is ours by Law. We are not violating any Human rights by thinking on our people first, then the others, quite contrary it calls "protection". The UK is famous worldwide for it´s own charity helps to own country and beyond the seas, so there is not accuse of lies towards us. The charity start at home first and those charities need to help foreign people, not the country. Hurting badly with the cuts disabled people, it's something, I intent to contest in all forms, shapes and ways, as I am disabled person myself and I need to protect Disabled people in Britain, as well as me.  The situation is hitting all of us (regards off) in Britain. We do not need this wave of hate towards us that comes from foreign war countries or people that have power on Government jobs, because we do not have a Duchy of Cornwall to escape from the hate. http://www.duchyofcornwall.org/ (Edward VIII need to emigrate as he, himself abdicate in order to marry a divorce. Are we gone softy here in Britain with the matters of the state?-) The letter and cheque is a probe in Law and the world of the extreme hardship, I was forced to live in Britain for 27 years, with two small daughters to feed and clothe. When married for 27 years to the same man (ex/husband), I received no help financially from the father of my daughters, not even now after the divorce. The maintenance claims get squashed, by one of his friends (job centre plus) and neighbour (11)?-So how we mother's of the UK does to get help by the state, if the same "state staff" helps own friends?-How I was supposed to survive in the UK, when I arrived from Mexico suffering the wave of abuse from the ex/husband sister/social worker and tales of the 5 boys, the river and etc. Me, Rosario with a broken English, hard of hearing, no family to help, no jobs at all but removed by the ex/husband sister/social worker lies, including my unborn children!!?-When you are reading here, I want you to understand that I was fully married by the Mexican Law in which the ex/husband swore and signed. I received no financial help from him in 27 years, not even now after the divorce. When I need to pay for food, clothes, school fee's, house bills, poll tax and endless of bills and taxes, all my jobs were removed, one by one, by the social worker-ex/sister, direct payments staff, trafford council services and a wave of vendetta against me, with lies. Hard of hearing people need to live somehow. I have bills to pay as well. The hard of hearing people do not own a state, like Duchy of Cornwall. I used a few cheques from the ex/husband, as I was fully married and entitle to financial help as any wife in Britain, but not me. The ex/husband mother was in full control of the cheque book from the father, but not me?-The advice came from my own Family members, as a probe that all my family from both sides, where full aware of my financial hardships. I even requested financial help to the ex/husband mother and she told me "not to mention to Carol of the borrowing?"-It's now that I know why, "the bleeding Family problems and tales from Carol?"-I understand better my position in Law, after 3 years of investigate the matter of such lies. I believe the abuse is irreparable, the same the trust. I hold a bundle of letters of the abuse from the social worker, free spread in her social career. I known the truth, of so called "family problems", in order to frame me badly. I will not play their own games of framing, assault, bullying me any more, in order for them to gain a life free of benefits and me to receive the hate propaganda of the state?!!-So, I divorce from the whole lot (both families), but it's like an addiction to them. I am very hard to remove from their own system, in order to carry on eating from me, with the abuse. I do not want the British disabled people to get to my level, in order to survive with the cuts and endless bullying of the state (cuts, bedroom taxes, etc) or whoever is doing the crimes against the disabled people. It is against the Law, bully, stalkie, spie, prank, harass and endless of abuse of power and profession against anyone regarded off: disability, color, sexual orientation, age, religion, language, country of birth, etc. I was not aware before, but today is different and I intent to contest in Law to protect disabled, old and children, as the Government staff have no rights to intimidate residents of the UK. I intent to use all my material in Court of Law if necessarily, if the bullying do not stop towards British residents. What the British government is asking from us today (cuts, bedroom-council tax, etc) is not possible as the unemployment in the UK is beyond our means financially. I got no name for the abuse of profession/power in which I was subjected by the "family problems" and the council to be aware off, but hide from me. They have the audacity to insult us of "family problems", when it is not us residents who commit such crimes, because it's not us, who hold such Jobs?!!-  http://tinyurl.com/b4egn9q It is a probe to the World in Law, the abuse (bullying) the British people (disabled and non/disabled)are experiencing at the moment, as the cheque/letter means of me, to open the doors to them (to all of us) and enter a XXI Century of pure, clean and transparent Conservative World, to be able to defend Human rights in the UK and Worldwide, to no avail. There is nothing wrong with the state services, quite contrary the best in the World by performance. Unfortunately a group of people that works for such Government bodies, use and abuse the state badly (ex/husband sister/social worker). Affecting the Old, Children and Disabled people in times of crisis, "badly". The Old People own families can look after them and provide a warm bed and food. Children with own parents can provide everything they need. Disabled people in Britain, how they will look after themselves, after own family passed away or they want to live independent regarded off (like me)?-As everything moves by (greedy) money in form of payments. Direct payments-council staff jobs, social workers and a full wave of Government bodies ready to make a blessing fortune and choose who benefit from?-Better to say "who is your friend?"-Such jobs are driven more by the golden color of the money, rather than a duty of care to the community of the UK. http://tinyurl.com/cu8dbzr Such professional jobs escalate the ladder of abuse on golden ($$$$$) opportunities, but not on mine. http://tinyurl.com/cbp3m4q None of those professionals does anything for FREE like me (Rosario), none. All their own jobs depend on  Disabled people badly, but they want us to believe tales, in order to keep us in that corner for ever. (Susan Boyle unemployed disabled before the show?!) http://tinyurl.com/ctuemq You can see the Paralympics in London 2012 again, to probe my own words. The figure that was placed in the middle of the opening of the ceremony, becomes my sole idea stolen from one of my notes of my blog. http://tinyurl.com/awvu7hc My blog/s destroyed after with removal of photos by google. Material that are share by others (cancer charities) and request us to share after, but frame (beware)?-In which none of my blogs made any profit, but helps to highlight the Human Rights of people, so where is the crime?- http://tinyurl.com/dynzq5y No wonder David Cameron wants to control the Internet, to gain more benefits and profits (my blogs). http://tinyurl.com/6o6g8vv With the help of his gurus earning a fortune with my material (thank you). http://tinyurl.com/bol8gx7 Misleading the British people and the Law of the real person, who is writing the note and representing the UK?-While me (Rosario) a disabled claimant of the British tax payee, earning a pittance writing your homework and researching for free, but living on hang/outs (DSS benefits), due to racism. Even worse calling us British People in general, all kind of names under the sun, because we are disabled, unemployed, etc. http://iainduncansmith.com/ Then who should represent the UK or be your next MP, as it's not the same to be the student than the teacher (me) researching the motives and causes, rather than to use the gurus (magic spells) and intolerance from some Government staff (ex/husband sister/social worker-neighbour/job centre plus staff, etc) to attack us British residents all the time. There is no secrets that those jobs (Government) pass from friends to friends, then who is leading the UK?-My material as a whole on my blogs are mine by Law, free to read, but no to copie and without my consent, knowledge or permission of the Author!-

Skyfall ..

Skyfall Music earns £41,000 a week. http://youtu.be/7HKoqNJtMTQ In which both, the movie and music have a remarkable similarities of my own life, words and secret discovery of some many years ago, by "family problems"-I lost a brother and unborn children, by the heartless people (the ex/husband and his sister/social worker) and their own "family problems"-I have the real note to probe in Court of Law, in which this note is only half of  the "petition" to save "Dale Farm from the Police Riots of 19/10/2011?"- http://tinyurl.com/a68wgob "The skyfall song and the children of the holocaust", both notes  start with the same "tone" of "piano"-The children of the holocaust video was used on another note, of me relating the WWII victims. You can hear the video if you want (both) is just below: Children of the Holocaust. "What a sick World we live nowadays, that use the "family problems" in which my unborn children and brother died, together with experiments of the Jews children to make music and a movie together. To be hit the best performance ever, without my permission, consent and knowledge in the matter as the notes are mine!-This reflect very much the state of the mind of the heartless person, who agree in this matter, to be accounted in Law.

Children of the Holocaust ..

In the 1960's the color people came to fight own birth/human/civil rights in America, to be the best singer performances, sports and Presidents of the World. Today the fight is with "disabled people", abused to the extremes. The few people that comes on our defence and defend the defenseless, they get bashed after with police bails, courts orders and fined. While I do not agree on violence ("blood on his hands"-Bethan Tichborne, 28 to Mr David Cameron) but by the lack of help towards disabled people, is driving people out of despair. http://tinyurl.com/bqyytt6 "I want to make an apology direct to the MP David Cameron and his wife, if the lady Bethan Tichborne was abusive in any way, form or shape. But as a parents with children like me (disabled), someone could said, that you could become more Human than the rest of us, to no avail. Imposing cuts to people on benefits for any reasons, particularly those people, that are unable to survive without the money (disabled), is something I am not happy with it. I intent to fight in a court of Law if necessarily, if the bullying do not stop, full stop!!-I have enough material to take the British government to the cleaners, in order to help the British people (residents). I have enough reasons to said no to the bedroom tax, in fact as the Business on the roads gone and provide the wages of the council staff (social worker, social services, direct payments, etc), then those jobs should go and preserve the bin man. Unless Government staff responsible of those matters find the business on the Internet, eBay, ebid, Facebook, Online, Chambers of Commerce, UK/abroad, etc, saving own jobs. Government staff are unable to stop  even the rich and famous living abroad, thanks to British soils and excellent good name, evading taxes. http://tinyurl.com/d6xp56x Not matter on which side of the world they live, we need to get them, as their own jobs, career, stardom started in the UK soils, so we should get revenues from them. In the same way as those foreign business, jobs, careers, stardom living on British soils, but their own birth countries are getting the revenues and we nothing at all?-The tax payee money is to pay "services" to the community (NHS, DSS, Dentist, School, etc) and always has been this way, but now the money (revenues) wants to be used to pay Government staff and leave the most vulnerable people of Britain (disabled, old and children) totally alone?-Using the money to help charities that mean to be for the community and helps our people (disabled, old and children). http://tinyurl.com/d53ram7 The idea is out of question and against the British System, Constitution and Law. I forbid totally the idea, as the UK need the money badly at this critical moment of "crisis". Until we chase the evading tax people and even then, the Charity jobs are to use own initiative to collect money for themselves. The tax payee money and charities are totally divorce from one to another, and the charities have no rights to interfere in the matters of the State, neither the other. The same apply to foreign people if they want to visit us (UK) no problem, but pay own ways, as everyone does when entering foreign lands, as the crisis is hitting the most vulnerable of our British Society and in extreme situation with the cuts.http://tinyurl.com/cx44lyd We should not take the matter lightly, because this action alone is against our British Constitution and lead to riots.http://tinyurl.com/cvxkou2 I do not need permission of nobody to represent the Human Rights of the individuals, as even the UK Courts cover me, to do what is right in the world. http://www.justice.gov.uk/ I depend on my blogs to communicate with people, as you does in the way that is best for you and your ability. 

- http://www.disabledcommunity.net/
- http://www.report-it.org.uk/home
- http://www.problemneighbours.co.uk/rights-under-protection-harassment-act.html

My blog is open for you to read if you wish, as there is not secrets on it. My blog contains nothing different, that is not the everyday topic of our society of today in Britain (crisis). But my blog means a non/profit toll, to help the community worldwide. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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